Scratch's notes

We now have dwarf companion. He smells, but seems to be with us. Hans has been told to investigate the grainery. No one wanted to talk, but we know what. Scar sent me off to watch elves sing. Silly dwarf show up bringing soldiers looking. He made taller shoes for some dwarfy reason. Dwarf and Hans hid in caves while I convinced soldiers that they weren’t here. Soldiers believed, maybe not Scar when I report.

We decide to take Scar. I watch Scar and bodyguards to see where they go. They eat at Gassy Gnoll every night. Others watch as well. I decide to use funny mushrooms on them. Make them googly will help. Cook helps when I give him some. Hans knocked all for a loop. Bodyguards ran away and knocked out Scar. We dragged him into caves and dwarf tied him up. Dwarf asked all the questions and we found out the extent of Blacks forces and his personal bodyguards. Scar mentioned driving a wedge between orcs and humans would be the best way to hurt Black in this area. We killed him and left his trophy necklace and bits of bloody armor near the Gassy Gnl.



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