Alexei's Reflections.

I finally tracked down the mangy orc, Scratch, by going to Flerov’s cabin to find them.

Whilst there, an orc nailed a notice to the door, stating that the local trees would be expropriated for the use of Black’s forces. Flerov, for some reason seemed to find this unacceptable. After dealing with the Orc messenger, the rebel group decided to disrupt the Orcish tree foraging group before they left town. We entered Bamburg through the sewer system and found an abandoned granary from which to snipe at the Orcs. much damage was done and to deter pursuit, we destroyed the granary behind us as we fled deeper into the sewer system.
Next, it was decided that we should do more to disrupt Black’s operations, as well as distract Black and his followers from the fact that some of the recent killings occurred on elf holdings or otherwise benefited the Elves. We discovered that the Duke was going to round up a scapegoat to pin the killings on and so hit the collection team and rescued the old witch. Much fun, that.
Next, I’d like to collect one of Black’s underlings, to see what we can learn from him.



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