Looking out from the Dorvlands:

  • North we find the Dwarven Empire
  • South we find the sea
  • West we first find Gwaymo, but past that, after some journeying, we find the homelands of Elves and Men.
  • East we find the Ancient People of the East

Cities and Fortresses in the Dorvlands:



  • The Western Half of the Dorvlands is predominently populated by Pravos. Linzburg and Oberheilhelmensberg are here, as is Kirsk
  • The Eastern Half of the Dorvlands is dominated by Easters. Bamburg and Ulagorsk are both here.
  • Syvynean is on the Western edge of the Dorvlands
  • Gwaymo is directly across the Lac from Syvynean. It’s famously not a nice place.


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