Williams Wanderings

This morning I went to the police station like a good little human. As we were arriving, I met Scratch. Finding out that we were involved in some missing Orc artifacts, he joined us. After some entertaining banter with the authorities we went to the hostel where the dead elf had been staying. Tried to hunt up some clues.

Nothing concrete, but we did find out that the “Black Lightning” gang might be involved. We may have some contacts that can lead to the Black Lightning, but have decided to wait till tomorrow to follow-up.

The Case of the Brass Horn

I had a visit today from the sergeant. It seems an elf was murdered after borrowing some artifacts from the local museum – poor soul. At the scene, there was a rough looking human who liked to anger the local guard (not too smart). He is a liar, but I do not think he is associated with this case. Nothing seems to connect to him, but he does have a poison knife. The museum representative seemed more suspicious. Although he could not have committed the actual crime, he may still be somehow involved. I will need to keep an eye on him. The only thing missing from the scene was a brass horn artifact. What is so special about this? Why did the elf want it? Who would kill for it? What interest does it hold?

I vouched for the two suspects the guards were going to take away. I know they are innocent, and could not subject them to a night in the dungeons. They do have stories to tell. Poison . . . Lies . . . Theft . . . Murder . . . Makes like interesting company for solving a mystery.

Until tomorrow . . . I’ll need to check around to see if anyone knows anything about this horn, and the victim to see where the path will lead. First, however, we will need to go to the guards house to see what they may have found. I do want to take a closer look at the body too.



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