Rudiger writes

An elven chap was at the museum this morning – his name was Terran Foal or something like that. He was accusing me of being involved in the disappearance of Jan. Such rubbish! Anyway, it ended up that the money that Jan had left with me was given to the ill-tempered elf (even Elrid had spoken against me!) – and I thought it was the dwarves who were obsessed with money. It is unfortunate that such misunderstandings can occur between our noble races.

Later in the day, Elrid , Godfrey and I visited the library. It brought back memories of my days as a student. I remember many a late night studying old tomes in the old times. We found a fair bit of information about the Rook’s Call. The old orcs had planned to use the horn to summon some nefarious ally in their war against the dwarves.

William and Scratch went to visit a jeweller known to Godfrey (in an attempt to collect some more information about the missing orcine artifact). I’m sure they had a splendid time. After they returned, Godfrey suggested a visit to the Duke Stefan. I recall meeting the Duke at a polo match a few years back – a decent chap and skilled poloist.



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