Blunders and Bodies

It seemed like an easy task: Meet with the elves and convince them that a coordinated resistance will be more effective. Well, we ran into a few things that caused some . . . problems.

1. My magic was off. I could not get the simplest spell off today. I went to the meeting quite weak.

2. There were two orcs standing at the entrance of the church where the meeting took place. Since Scratch was not around, the orcs sent Snot and and an underling. I tried to convince them that I was invited, but they would not take to it. Snot drew a sword, and . . . all went dark.

3. When I woke . . . I was fine, but there were two dead orcs that Flerov had to produce to save me. (I guess I can really trust this guy – nice shooting). The elves wanted nothing to do with the situation. We had to find a way to quietly dispose of these bodies.

4. I blasted one of them with White Fire, and . . . all went dark again.

5. After waking, I noticed I was still in the church. The priest there had let me rest. Flerov hid the second body. I went and White Fired that one, and we were in the clear.

Blunders . . . Errg.

After that Flerov and I thought it was best to meet with the leader privately to have the conversation. We debated, and decided that the elves would occasionally help, but would need to keep a very low profile.

Now the questions are . . . How do we intensify the action of resistance, and how do we protect the elves from any recourse that orcs may have due to our blunders last Sunday?



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