a meeting...

After mentioning the disappearance of Pinky to the other Elven Wanderers, Pekka mentioned that I should get in touch with a human named Hanz, an advisor to the Duke. It turns out that Hanz is part of an underground movement fomenting the ouster of the Black Ork regime. Hanz wants the local Elves to join this movement. While we Elvenfolk are uneasy about the westward march of the Orc army, I’m not sure we’re up for a full-fledged revolution.

Anyway, Hanz wants to attend the next Lament of the Elven Wanderers (it also sounds like he might be able to get some more information about what happened Jan). I ran it past Elwin, next week’s session leader. He was reluctant at first, but he came around eventually. I think Hanz will be trustworthy – maybe this revolution of his just might work?



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