Burning down the house

The word from Hanz and Scratch was that Mr. Rudiger was accusing me of being a horse thief (and that they were tasked with investigating Alexei and me). In an attempt to ‘cover my tracks’, we decided to burn down my house – I wasn’t getting much use out of it anyway (with it being guarded by orcs).

Hanz cooked up some sort of fire-starting fluid that Alexei and I took to the house. We were going to set up a trap such that opening the door would start the fire. The fire started sooner than expected, due to some klutziness on my part – Hanz’s potion was certainly effective. In any case, the fire did serve as a distraction for the orc guard. I snuck around behind the house to get some water out of the well – in order to save some trees if possible. When I returned, the orc had attacked Alexei. I traded arrows with the orc (I was using orcine arrows to make things look more interesting). Alexei finished the orc off with a knife. The fire was growing so we soon returned to the cave.

After Hanz and Scratch returned from their investigation, they reported that the fire had indeed destroyed the house and much of the surrounding forest – pity about the trees, although some tree seeds need fire to start growing – the cycle of life continues in spite of our follies. The intrepid investigators had in fact walked into the fire to confirm the status of the house.

The Rudiger situation is getting more complex – apparently he has been querying Scratch about the Redd Orcs – we’re not exactly sure what Rudiger’s game is here. Perhaps there is some way to connect Rudiger with Alexei… ?

Scratch's notes

We now have dwarf companion. He smells, but seems to be with us. Hans has been told to investigate the grainery. No one wanted to talk, but we know what. Scar sent me off to watch elves sing. Silly dwarf show up bringing soldiers looking. He made taller shoes for some dwarfy reason. Dwarf and Hans hid in caves while I convinced soldiers that they weren’t here. Soldiers believed, maybe not Scar when I report.

We decide to take Scar. I watch Scar and bodyguards to see where they go. They eat at Gassy Gnoll every night. Others watch as well. I decide to use funny mushrooms on them. Make them googly will help. Cook helps when I give him some. Hans knocked all for a loop. Bodyguards ran away and knocked out Scar. We dragged him into caves and dwarf tied him up. Dwarf asked all the questions and we found out the extent of Blacks forces and his personal bodyguards. Scar mentioned driving a wedge between orcs and humans would be the best way to hurt Black in this area. We killed him and left his trophy necklace and bits of bloody armor near the Gassy Gnl.

Alexei's Reflections.

I finally tracked down the mangy orc, Scratch, by going to Flerov’s cabin to find them.

Whilst there, an orc nailed a notice to the door, stating that the local trees would be expropriated for the use of Black’s forces. Flerov, for some reason seemed to find this unacceptable. After dealing with the Orc messenger, the rebel group decided to disrupt the Orcish tree foraging group before they left town. We entered Bamburg through the sewer system and found an abandoned granary from which to snipe at the Orcs. much damage was done and to deter pursuit, we destroyed the granary behind us as we fled deeper into the sewer system.
Next, it was decided that we should do more to disrupt Black’s operations, as well as distract Black and his followers from the fact that some of the recent killings occurred on elf holdings or otherwise benefited the Elves. We discovered that the Duke was going to round up a scapegoat to pin the killings on and so hit the collection team and rescued the old witch. Much fun, that.
Next, I’d like to collect one of Black’s underlings, to see what we can learn from him.

Blunders and Bodies

It seemed like an easy task: Meet with the elves and convince them that a coordinated resistance will be more effective. Well, we ran into a few things that caused some . . . problems.

1. My magic was off. I could not get the simplest spell off today. I went to the meeting quite weak.

2. There were two orcs standing at the entrance of the church where the meeting took place. Since Scratch was not around, the orcs sent Snot and and an underling. I tried to convince them that I was invited, but they would not take to it. Snot drew a sword, and . . . all went dark.

3. When I woke . . . I was fine, but there were two dead orcs that Flerov had to produce to save me. (I guess I can really trust this guy – nice shooting). The elves wanted nothing to do with the situation. We had to find a way to quietly dispose of these bodies.

4. I blasted one of them with White Fire, and . . . all went dark again.

5. After waking, I noticed I was still in the church. The priest there had let me rest. Flerov hid the second body. I went and White Fired that one, and we were in the clear.

Blunders . . . Errg.

After that Flerov and I thought it was best to meet with the leader privately to have the conversation. We debated, and decided that the elves would occasionally help, but would need to keep a very low profile.

Now the questions are . . . How do we intensify the action of resistance, and how do we protect the elves from any recourse that orcs may have due to our blunders last Sunday?

a meeting...

After mentioning the disappearance of Pinky to the other Elven Wanderers, Pekka mentioned that I should get in touch with a human named Hanz, an advisor to the Duke. It turns out that Hanz is part of an underground movement fomenting the ouster of the Black Ork regime. Hanz wants the local Elves to join this movement. While we Elvenfolk are uneasy about the westward march of the Orc army, I’m not sure we’re up for a full-fledged revolution.

Anyway, Hanz wants to attend the next Lament of the Elven Wanderers (it also sounds like he might be able to get some more information about what happened Jan). I ran it past Elwin, next week’s session leader. He was reluctant at first, but he came around eventually. I think Hanz will be trustworthy – maybe this revolution of his just might work?

William's note

Well that’s it then.

After Scratch blew the horn and he and Godfrey passed out, I tried to get the horn so that Scratch could return it to the Orcs. But I failed. Now the horn is being stored in some secure vault at the museum. Again, I tried to convince everyone that the museum was not a good place to keep the horn, but failed.

I’ve come to realize that I just can’t do it. I can’t help the Orcs return to civilization. I’m just wasn’t burned in the right crucible.

Whoever finds this, please tell Suzanna that I’m sorry. I can’t protect her shining brightness. Tell her to be careful. This is a horrible world.

Good bye

The Challenge of Eating, Getting a Job and Rook's Call

Dwarves are stubborn. I already knew that, but it was further proven to me today. We had a hard time coming up with money to pay our bill today at a local bar. We did offer to pay later, but . . . As I said dwarves are stubborn. After a great debate, we were given a day to get the funds.

After realizing that I think I need a job. I successfully got a job today – one that will hopefully give me greater access so I can help Feodora.

Now, onto the Rook’s Call . . . We may have found it . . . We had to avoid a confrontation with some orcs and a troll to get it. Now that it is found . . . What do we do with it?

Elrid Says

Is the Duke a good person to lead? This is the question Feodora asked me. I will need to find out. There seems to be a little bit of a rivalry between the Prince and the Duke. Politics is always a tricky thing to delve into because no one really are honest.

On a similar, but slightly different note, tensions are rising between the orcs and the rest of the population. I needed to tend to Scratch and William today – they were beat up by some juveniles. I also had to help out some orcs who were also attacked. The Duke’s message may be encouraging this division in the population. He seems to not really care one way or another – politics – at this point, I would have to say I am not too impressed with this Duke.

Scratch says

Men are talky. Speak of things I not know. They will not speak plain, their words wiggle like snakes. The people are better.

I follow, they will lead me to it. The prize. I make it work. For me, for the people. I be bigshot leader.

Other talky guys take me to building. Almost big fight start. Walls, rooms, no food. Men talk without saying things again. No answers, only questions.

William has more talks with gangs. They know more, maybe have seen it! Some of the people are with them. I show them my secret, maybe they find it. Find the call for me.

William will help.

Rudiger writes

An elven chap was at the museum this morning – his name was Terran Foal or something like that. He was accusing me of being involved in the disappearance of Jan. Such rubbish! Anyway, it ended up that the money that Jan had left with me was given to the ill-tempered elf (even Elrid had spoken against me!) – and I thought it was the dwarves who were obsessed with money. It is unfortunate that such misunderstandings can occur between our noble races.

Later in the day, Elrid , Godfrey and I visited the library. It brought back memories of my days as a student. I remember many a late night studying old tomes in the old times. We found a fair bit of information about the Rook’s Call. The old orcs had planned to use the horn to summon some nefarious ally in their war against the dwarves.

William and Scratch went to visit a jeweller known to Godfrey (in an attempt to collect some more information about the missing orcine artifact). I’m sure they had a splendid time. After they returned, Godfrey suggested a visit to the Duke Stefan. I recall meeting the Duke at a polo match a few years back – a decent chap and skilled poloist.


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